Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, all kayaking courses are canceled for the summer of 2020. We are still accepting  groups of people for tailor-made arrangements. Contact us and we will create a great and safe experience for you.

Vika is situated next to Lake Trehörningen in the picturesque Värmland region in Southwestern Sweden, where all our courses take place. In addition to the main house, there is also a cozy guest house and a spacious barn. Combined, this provides us with beds for up to 13 people, a comfortable place for classes, as well as room indoors for meals in case of inclement weather. This possibility of being housed indoors as well as the social aspect of staying overnight, make these courses a much more manageable and enjoyable experience than many others. A wonderful weekend experience for the whole family, a group of friends, or a couple awaits!


John – instructor/guide

John is a certified and experienced kayak instructor and leads all courses and trips at Vika. He also has years of experience as an instructor in a variety of other sports (martial arts, skiing, and cycling), and handles students at every level with the same calmness and patience.
Mob: 0047 93 49 95 51

Ingeborg – Coordinator/Administrator

Ingeborg works behind the scenes and takes care of “everything else”. With her background in owning and operating a large fitness center, she is experienced in motivating others and creating a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.
Mob: 0047 45 03 04 53

Robin – Cruise Director

The world’s biggest little dog rules over all of VIka.  He spends his days in an ongoing battle with the crows, fending off attacks from imagined foes (particularly from the lakeshore), and chasing his beloved ball. Robin is mischievous and cheeky, and does not hesitate the least in blaming his only friend in the world, Per, for any of his own misdeeds.

Per – Guest Satisfaction Director

A slightly neurotic creature, desiring only peace and order. His self-appointed task in life is to herd Robin, which leads to continual conflict and frustration. When the family finally settles down for the evening Per is at his happiest, feeling that yet another day of his tedious work has paid off.

post@campvika.com  /  Adresse: Sødra Treskog Viken, 67035 Gunnarskog, Sverige  /  Mobile: 0047 93 49 95 51 or 0047 45 03 04 53