List of things to bring

For those taking the Introductory course over one day you only need one change of clothes to get wet in. Before lunch there is classroom training and practice on land.

For those who are taking the Basic Course over two days, you must expect two whole changes of clothing to get wet in. It is only when the weather is particularly warm and sunny that you will have the opportunity to dry your clothes from the first to the second day of the course.

For those of you who are only going on a trip, we will do our best to avoid tipping over, but bring a change just in case.

Packing list suggestions:

– Long-sleeved wool undershirt and thights (* 2)
– Warm sweater
– Wind-breaker jacket, preferably with hood
– Hiking pants (* 2)
– Water resistant sneakers / sandals (* 2)
– Shorts / swimwear if it is sunny
– Hat / cap according to weather conditions (* 2)
– Wool socks (* 2)
– Underwear (* 2)
– Waterproof packing bags (Basic course only)
– Warm comfortable clothes for the evening
– Water bottle
– Towels (* 2)
– Sunglasses and sunscreen
– Toiletries and any medications
– Waterproof bag for your cell phone if you wish to bring it in the kayak
– Snacks for short breaks throughout the day


For those who want to invest in their own equipment, we recommend:
– Wetsuit
– Kayaking gloves
– Water shoes
Note: this is not needed to follow the course.

For questions, do not hesitate to call John at 0074 93 49 95 51 or send us an email at